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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  August 17, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning. welcome back. >> we don't have our music going on. >> we do like the music. we know to stop music when we're going on the air now. >> i'm going to hum us in next time. >> hum? do you remember what it sounds like? >> vile to think about that. >> it wakes you up. we have a lot going on weather-wise. the tropics are firing up. this weekend was like the weekend. we had the first hurricane of the season. first, our nice, calm weather conditions here. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. a high of 92 forecast for central maryland today thanks to that bermuda high and a nice ridge of high pressure over the mid-atlantic. winds light and out of the southwest. tropical storm clawed sethe still around -- claudette is
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still around. it made landfall last night. this is impressive. this is hurricane bill. 75 mile-per-hour sustained winds in the atlantic. details on where it's headed in a little bit o -- a little bit. >> a great morning commute. let's check the area roads. you can see we're still up to speed, though we are getting a bit sluggish on the southbound j.f.x. volume builds around the area. you can see as far as our drive times go, not looking at a whole lot. you're looking at an easy ride, northeast side. 11 minutes from 95 toward the 83's. 11 minutes as well on southbound 95 from the beltway southwest down to 32. here's a live view of traffic in howard county. north and southbound 95 picking up a bit. overall, running smoothly on the entire stretch of 95 in our area. and the beltway at i-70 on the west side. looks good so far even though the ramp's in the way.
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back to you. >> thank you. the inner harbor baltimore's crown jewel a great place for family fun. but this weekend it became the scene of chaos when gunfire erupted. >> as police continue to investigate, a witness is describing what went down inside the light street pavilion. kim dacey joins us downtown with more details. good morning, kim. >> good morning. police are searching for clues to lead them to the suspect while others are wondering if this shooting will mean less tour yiflts here at the inner -- tourists at the inner harbor. it looked like a normal sunday evening. >> a lot of fun. a lot of family entertainment. >> there was no evidence that less than 24 hours before two people were shot inside the light street pavilion. >> pandemonium. complete chaos. >> marcus jeter was work at his booth inside the pavilion saturday night. it was just after 10:00 when a fight broke out. >> they were just around the corner. so you could actually hear the confrontation that was going on. then you heard the shots. you seen everybody running. they ran past my stand.
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i followed them pretty much. i got out of the building. >> baltimore police say a 20-year-old man was shot in the leg and a 17-year-old man shot in the forearm. they were both taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. right now police are interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage to identify a suspect. people visiting the inner harbor are shocked. >> it's really, really, really unbelievable, to be honest with you. as much as people are visible around, walking up and down. it's really surprising. >> sunday night the police officers were just as visible, patrolling the inner harbor area. and the visitors we spoke with say this incident wouldn't stop them from making a trip back to baltimore. >> there's so many people here. i would feel safe. >> i would think that would be random and would happen in any town. it wouldn't stop me from coming. >> mayor sheila dixon released a statement saying in part, "we will not tolerate the inner harbor being a hangout. for those who break the law,
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intimidate or create a nuisance of any kind. we have a lot of police deployed in the inner harbor. the commissioner and i will continue to work diligently and swiftly to improve security." meanwhile, if you have any information, contact baltimore city police. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. this morning three people are charged with animal abuse after torturing a cat. the hooper family says they returned from vacation to find their kitten diamond had been killed. the family says they left the cat in the care of a family friend. hooper says abel invited two others to the home. police say rio put the cat in the microwave, dryer enwasher and then tied her by the tail to the ceiling fan. >> i had to come home to burst hair in the microwave, refrigerator as well. blood. you could tell where the cat ran around and blood was everywhere.
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>> the hoopers say they've since adopted four new cats, three kittens and their mom to help them overcome their grief. >> disturbing story. members of congress get an earful from constituents. now the white house is signaling it might be willing to compromise on its plan. 11 news washington bureau reporter nikole killion has the details. >> this all has to do with the so-called government-run public option. in arizona, the first family takes in the scenery at the grand canyon. but the view from the commander in chief might be changing when it comes to the fundamentals of his health care plan. >> the public option whether we have it or don't have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it. >> president obama made no mention of the public option in a "new york times" editorial this weekend. health and human services secretary says it's not make or break. >> i think what's important is
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choice and competition. i'm convinced at the end of the day the plan will have both of those. but that's not the essential element. >> the public option is a key component in the house version of the health care bill it calls for a government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers. but critics warn that could drive them out of business. and the senate chairman conrad has an alternative that would run independently from the government. >> there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. there never have been so to continue to chase that rabbit, i think is just a wasted effort. >> conrad says he believes there are enough votes in the senate to support a coop plan but that's not the case until the house where liberal democrats say it would be much tougher to pass in washington, him in nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one local politician is doing his part to make sure residents are informed about health care. delegate emmitt burns held a prayer vigil of protection for president obama yesterday morning.
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delegate burns says he's planning a community health forum of his own to clarify any confusing information. >> the politicians on the federal level have been doing that. but we need to do it on the state level. so i'm going to have that here, advising sun church so that we can give the information and get the truth about health care reform. >> that town hall meeting is scheduled for september 13. >> an australian man will live the last few days of his life how he wants to after winning a landmark case granting him the right to die. a car accident left christian paralyzed below the neck. he argued that his caregivers fed him against his wishes. the court says he understands the consequences of his decision and will allow him to refusei food throughñi a tube although caregivers will still be able to give him water to keep him hydrated. >> he is very, very happy with this decision. it's been an ordeal for him.
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it's quite clear to see the physical discomfort he's been through. >> rossiter describes his life as "a living hell" and says he wants his final days to include simply taking painkillers and watching television. that brings us to our "watercooler question of the day." what do you think of an australian court's decision to grant a man the right to die? you can e-mail your response to 5:38. still ahead, a warning for diabetics. the tests the f.d.a. says could provide apparently some different results when it comes to insulin overdose. >> good news for chocolate lovers. how the sweet treat may help those who have suffered a heart attack. >> and if you're traveling anytime soon, we're checking the area roadways. so far haven't found any problems. an update coming up. what are you doing for lunch?
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>> and top of the morning to you. it's 75 degrees downtown. a nice steamy start. could enuntder -- encounter patchy fog. that fog will like lie burn off quickly. another hot, humid one. the high surging to 92 with light southwest winds. 91 southern maryland. 91 eastern shore. 88, ocean city today. partly cloudy tonight as well. 65 to 70 with winds out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. i've got your full weather forecast and we'll talk about the first hurricane of the season, bill, churning in the far atlantic. >> a new study finds eating moderate amounts of chocolate can help people who have suffered a heart attack. researchers studied records of over 1,000 swedish men who had suffered a heart attack after following them for eight years. they found those who ate chocolate roughly twice a week were significantly less likely
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to die from heart disease than those who never ate chocolate. experts say the anti-ox dents in chocolate -- antioxidants are likely behind it. >> certain blood sugar tests can give inaccurate results. the patients were told not to use certain glue glucose testing strips in combination with dialysis and other biologic drugs. those elevations can falsely elevate results. you can find more information on our website, >> 5:42. 68 degrees on tv hill. he's a global celebrity who's popping up in pictures everywhere. we'll introduce you to the couple who took that candid squirrel photo. find out why they believe he was so interested in their camera. >> and you are looking at a live picture. things moving smoothly. that volume is starting to build very early this morning.
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we'll update weather and traffic for your morning commute. stay with us.
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>> good morning. we're check your morning commute so far it's looking great out there. not dealing with any delays. enjoy it for now. 58 miles per hour your speed sensors a you make your way toward lumbard. 58 on the j.f.x. checking in at about 60 miles per hour. let's check drive times. 11 minutes outer loop north side. same thing on the west side. then you're looking at about a five-minute ride on southbound 95 from the 895 split. let's give you a live view outside in the area of 95 at 100. north and southbound traffic looks great. volume still moderate. not really heavy at this point. even in the white marsh area we're looking at a pretty nice ride. we're checking the west side at i-70 where things are moving very well. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that go to kurt kronke of the m.t.a. >> good morning. we have a delay on the light
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rail running about 30 minutes late. metro on schedule. marc trains looking good, no delays. and on the buses, a few diversions including the 33 bypassing arm stad gardens -- armestad gardens. look for the 15 bus diverted at gilled for and fayette -- gilford and fayette. have is a great time in new york, sandra. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. ready to go. live on "regis" on wednesday at 10:00 a.m. we'll have plenty to talk about. we are dealing with several tropical systems. claudette made landfall last night. it's currently zipping long to the west. it's losing some strength because it has hit land. in contrast, we're not dealing with anything on radar and satellite thanks to the influence of that bermuda high over the mid-atlantic. another warm, hot one. 75 downtown. 70 at the airport. across the bay bridge, eastern
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shore, 70's as well. by this afternoon, a high of 92 in central maryland. we're going to be high and dry. no measurable chance of precipitation or rainfall today. 88, ocean city. 91, southern maryland as well as on the eastern shore. winds generally out of the southeast at five to 10 knots. waves a foot or less. water temperatures still up there in the low 80's. tonight's forecast keeps us very mild, dry, partly cloudy, 65 to 70 with that southerly wind flow. high pressure at the surface keeping us hot as we're going to be into the 90's. the next big weather maker may be a better chance of scattered showers. a front to our west now. not going to make it through until wednesday. it's going to stall to our north. about a 30% chance of scattered showers. in the meantime, the trip toics the real weather story. claudette will be moving to the northwest. it will probably be in northeast mississippi by this evening. 40 mile-per-hour sustained winds. it is losing its punch as it's now overland. more concern to us is basically
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hurricane bill. also want to let you know that tropical depression anna will be a tropical depression when it hits fort walton again by friday. as far as hurricane bill goes, it is centered way out to the east of the lesser antilles. it's now our first hurricane. sustained winds developing into a category three. that means in excess of 110 mile-per-hour winds by potentially wednesday and certainly by friday. you can see it's on a beline in the east coast direction. it's moving very quickly to the northwest at about 22 miles per hour. right now we're also dealing with tropical depression anna which is zipping through the northeastern caribbean. bill is the main weather story. this impressive satellite view. really got a lot of punch it will be developing very quickly as it continues to plow to the west-northwest. nears a look -- here's a look at our forecast. a slight chance for an evening thunderstorm tomorrow after a high of 91. 30% chance of those scattered storms possibly on wednesday with that front. then clear again on thursday and
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a chance of showers and storms again friday, holding up through the weekend. >> thank you. now an update on the story we told you about last friday. a vacation photo took on the life of its own. >> this guy's not just any squirrel. he is picture-perfect and has gained worldwide attention. karla sat down with the couple who was taking the photo and finds out what happened. >> we laughed all day about it. >> if the normal picture is really worth a thousand words. >> and starts laughing. >> there is no telling the value of this one. >> we knew it was big when google when you type in the word squirrel into google, we come up above wikipedia. >> they were hiking when they realized a classic photo opportunity. >> we thought, perfect, we'll set the camera on the rooks and use our remote. >> drawn to the click of the camera, one critter decided to make in a family shot.
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>> he must have thought it was a food dispensary. he was running around on the rocks, ducked down and disappeared. then all of a sudden scampered over and shot right up in front of the camera. >> i was kind of clicking away. then i was hoping we would get it because melissa was kind of get it, get it, take the photo. >> we even said to ourselves, it hardly even looks real. we were there. >> a picture now worth more than a thousand words. they decided to share their treasure. first on facebook and eventually "national geographic." the goal was to get it in the magazine. >> but a photo this rich this rare, this in folkies had an audience that couldn't wait for the print copy. >> one of the guys says, well, you're famous in korea. >> so they have gone viral and even to the networks. >> squirrel on a morning program. >> melissa and jackson don't expect to turn a profit from their priceless picture worth so many words in so many languages but they do enjoy the thought
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they're sharing their joy with others. >> it was so much fun for us. now we just love it that everyone else thinks it's so fun. >> it doesn't look real. we know it's real but i it does look like it's photo shopped. >> they are going to be on "today" later this morning. the squirrel has its own facebook page. look for nuts the squirrel. >> i'm going to friend nut. >> they grow the squirrels big in that part of the country. >> there's so much more ahead on 11 news today. >> we'll take a look at some of your answers to our "watercooler question of the day." >> and here's a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers good luck.
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>> are we going to get to some of our wawt he coolers -- water her coolers? >> we asked what do you think of an australian court's decision to grant the man the right to die? >> you can keep e-mailing those responses to we will read more in the next hour. we'll post all of them on the front page of our website, >> good morning. keith mills. you can watch sports a long, long, long time and not see two things you saw yesterday. first, tiger woods, who was
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unbeatable or had been when he was leading heading into a major golf championship, the final round, until yesterday. y.e. yang of south korea wins the prince george's championship. that's like burster douglas beating mike tyson. who is this guy? stunning win for yang. 37 years old. the 110th ranked player in the world. and then there's the orioles. bizarre game with the angels. on a warm, hot, wavy day as the bird waves the flag, orioles go 13 innings and lose by nine runs. brian roberts, big day, home run number 10. cuts the lead. nick markakis off sean o'sullivan in the fifth. home run 14 for nick. it's a brand new game. it was 7-6 in the seventh. we've been watching adam jones do this all summer. takes a home run away from mike napoli. we've compared him to some of
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the great center fielders the orioles have had. that's a big-time play. in the ninth, jones nearly wins the game with his bat. brian roberts' third. juan rivera hauls it in. roberts ties the game. the orioles lose in extra innings not by a run, two, three or four, by nine. the angels dodged the bullet a couple of times. they get nine runs. that's not easy to do, by the way. >> watched the prince george's championship and you're thinking tiger's getting ready to make his move. never made his move. but it's good for golf. >> it's great for golf. >> something different for a change. >> first asian to ever win a major. >> that was cool. >> thank you. here's a look ahead to our next hour of 11 news today. >> how the governor plans to reduce the budget shortfall and what the lieutenant governor has to say about it. >> legal woes for microsoft at 6:15. why the company must appeal a
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ruling or dish out millions and stop selling a top program. >> and we'll take a much loser cloork at tropical storm -- look at tropical storm claudette. >> and a nice dry scan. but the tropics firing up. stay tuned. >> nice on the roads. no delays yet. we'll get you up to date.
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>> two people are shot at the inner harbor. police are looking for answers. i'm kim dacey. i've got eyewitness testimony coming up. >> i'm brook hart in washington. president obama appears trod compromise in the health care reform debate that story coming up. >> the mainland is ship with its first tropical storm of the season. claudette made landfall dumping rain along the pan handment. >> that's not the case here. it's all


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